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Our Mission

Contributing knowledge and ideas at mitigating financial fraud and abuse, by the provision of financial fraud investigation services; counter-fraud education: including conferences, workshops, training, consultancy, and research

Why Forensic Accounting?

Forensic Accounting is assumed, by many, as akin to the work of pathologists, Autopsy! Fraud Investigation is; but a significant aspect of forensic accounting is looking to the future. Just as the Physician may recommend certain preventative health measures for healthy patients, the forensic accountant may be called in to manage fraud risk without the necessity of fraud allegations, review internal controls for identifying fraud exposure areas.

What are we?

  • We are forensic accountants and involves bringing together, academics: criminologists, sociologists, psychologists, systems, experts, lawyers and other professionals, corporate and not-for profit institutional leaders; to sharing ideas of the sociology and social organization of Financial fraud and abuse, the law, the criminal justice system, enforcement and also sharing the recommending latest technologies and methodologies in financial fraud and abuse prevention, detection and deterrent.
  • We partner with heads of ministry, agencies and departments in driving our core services in the society.