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Welcome to Forensic Insight!

Perusing fraud reports from TI, ACFE, Fraud Newsletter, Kroll, FBI (USA), NCA (UK), EFCC, daily newspapers and journals, among others, paints a picture of a vicious and relentless escalation of financial fraud, money laundering, bribery, identity thefts etc. Confirming the world we live in, including the world of financial crime and criminality never stands still. Especially in this age of cyber criminality. The relentless growth of this crime and criminality type is neither matched by legislation nor enforcement. The story of the security deposit safe, please see counter fraud research page from our website, confirms that counter measures and policies have always been plagued with catch-ups and proactive failings.

What we do.

Our business is fraud investigations and more, we hold the view that preventing, deterring and detecting financial fraud and abuse are dependent more on promotion and installation of proactive ideas and strategies.

Forensic Insight is a trading name for forensic Insight International Limited (Forensic Accountants and Consultants) registered in Nigeria number RC 1292177 Registered in the United Kingdom number 08286151.

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